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I worked for everdry waterproofing back in the early 90s. They paid us a whopping $42 a day for manual labor; foremen made 50. Don't expect much from a crew that's making very minimal wages. One key problem to their system, is that they do not always dig down to the footer on the outside. I believe that this is essential in maintaining a waterproof solution to the positive side. The System that they use on the inside is actually pretty... Read more

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I went with everdrys package of digging on the outside and inside, covering walls and a sump pit. Cost me $16,000. The reason I went with them was because I was getting water in basement on a bowing wall. I'm no longer getting water but the wall is bowing further and gonna cave soon. The reason I went with them was because they said u had to relieve the hydrostatic pressure on that wall. Well they never dug on that part of the wall because they... Read more

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Salesman told us we BOTH HAD to be there for the appointment. When he arrived, I showed him the crack on my knee wall, he only glanced at it from a distance. He then proceeded to tell us they would need to waterproof all of our walls, the floor and the get their whole sub pump kit. We are not having any other issues with the basement at all. He refused to fix JUST the small problem. He said the corporate office would not allow it. He was... Read more

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I had my basement waterproofed 11 years ago. They did a decent job, and they were pretty fast originally. When I've had a sump pump go out or something small, they're pretty quick to come out and give me a new one. Other times when I've needed bigger work, they have been really slow to come out and do the work. Recently I went under contract to sell the house, and the day of closing the buyer did a walkthrough and to all of our surprise,... Read more

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Lucky for me I didn't buy into their sales gimmicks because I use to be in sales and spotted the scam immediately. First they said it would cost $15,000 to fix my basement, which I thought seemed far excessive for 5 days worth of work. Then they told me they would need to waterproof the walls and the floor but the floor wasn't having any issues at all and if I removed the floor it would only save me $1,500. When I asked if they repainted the... Read more

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I can believe that I used to work for them I just quit a week ago and the reason I quit was because they was cheating the customers lieing to them and having them buy things that wasn't needit. Even still the work wasnt even being don't the owner Brent was us do things half just to get finish and get the money and gone to the next. His wife works there to she's very disrespectful and makes lots of racist jokes. A black guy told Brent that one... Read more

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Everdry Sucks
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Do not use Everdry. We made that mistake and now out thousands of dollars. They come to your house and scare you to death about mold, bang on your door every night trying to sell you their product and we have had nothing but trouble. They are negligent and lie. They did exactly what they said they wouldn't do, turn our walls into plumbing. They also sold us a broken easy breath system. We got there services done 4 years ago and have problems... Read more

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I paid a lot of money to have a complete waterproofing job done inside and outside. Seems because the way the house is situated, I did not have a complete job. They destroyed the landscape and put in plastic window wells on top of the old rusting out metal window wells and then covered the area so it looked like it was all new. I can see the "job" from my basement windows! They said anytime I remove the very expensive sidewalks and front porch... Read more

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100 words would not be enough. I ran out of characters when I made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. That was 4000 letters typed. Do not use Everdry. Period.They are inept, incompetent, and negligent, and lie. Take my word, as I have been through *** which will be 6 months come 8/26/15. They do not care, make false claims, and will string you along until you file a lawsuit, which I am in the process of now. They have not done one... Read more

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  • Jul 29, 2015
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Everdry overcharge their customers and underpay their employees. Employees start off with less than nine dollars an hour and they overcharge their customers.

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