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I can believe that I used to work for them I just quit a week ago and the reason I quit was because they was cheating the customers lieing to them and having them buy things that wasn't needit. Even still the work wasnt even being don't the owner Brent was us do things half just to get finish and get the money and gone to the next. His wife works there to she's very disrespectful and makes lots... Read more

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100 words would not be enough. I ran out of characters when I made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. That was 4000 letters typed. Do not use Everdry. Period.They are inept, incompetent, and negligent, and lie. Take my word, as I have been through *** which will be 6 months come 8/26/15. They do not care, make false claims, and will string you along until you file a lawsuit, which I am... Read more

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  • EverDry
  • Jul 29, 2015
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Everdry overcharge their customers and underpay their employees. Employees start off with less than nine dollars an hour and they overcharge their customers. Add comment

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  • Jul 07, 2015
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After spending $11,000 to have my basement fixed I come to find out I have to pay $75 a year to cover their work for the future. Not once during the conversation leading up to doing business with them was this ever mentioned. They just kept saying you're guaranteed for life. Add comment

made an appointment they were dead set that both my wife and I be at the appointment despite having 3 young kids we were able to arrange a time where we both could meet. Received a call a day prior to confirm the appointment and was basically interrogated about what we were looking for. If I knew what was wrong I wouldn't be calling them. The day of the appointment heard nothing at 2:05 for a... Read more

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Everdry called to confirm the appointment for me and my husband. I indicated that I am no longer married, a point I had made when the persistent salesman made the appointment. The caller asked if my ex was still on the deed (as if that matters). I indicated that he is and asked if that's a problem. Everdry stated that I could gladly pay for the 'free' inspection, so I canceled. I guess I... Read more

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Sump pump running when no more water and bottom of bucket bone dry. Then we got a boatload of water. The pump is still running but not draining. When I called for service, I am told - it will be two weeks before someone can come out! That means I will have a bucket of water sitting for two weeks. If it rains in the meantime I guess I am out of luck. If I get someone other company to come... Read more

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We had our basement done about 10 years ago or so, Everydry never fixed the problem, we called them several times and they came out to fix it again and again, finally they put white sheeting up so we couldn't see the leaks. At that time we had no recourse and now we suffer with a still leaking basement. We spent between around $8,000.00 for nothing. We paid the renewal of $40.00 yearly for... Read more

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I realize that this is a site for complaints but after having Everdry out to do work on my house, I just had to post here to let everyone know that not all homeowners feel like these people do with these complaints. The foreman, Andy, and his crew did a fantastic job on my basement, inside and out. Everyone respected my home and property and cleaned everything when they were finished. Andy kept... Read more

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Not initially pleased with the salesman, a bit too assumptive and pushy for my liking, but I was patient. The only reason I agreed to go with Everdry is that a family member raved about them. The price was a LOT more than I thought, about $3,000 more than I was originally expecting, but I was able to talk them down a little bit, so I went ahead and scheduled the work. They were working on my... Read more

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